Nziza Training Academy is a private skills development institution launched in 2018 with three main purposes:

Taking market-based competency of local professionals to global level thru useful technologies,

Support fresh college graduates to go at marketplace with required projects delivering skills.

Creating strong network among professionals for skills sharing and further success.

all for the intention of connecting the gap between academic institutions and the industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualifications and qualities through competence based training programs.

We are here to provide engineering related educational training that truly work, giving quality education a new meaning!

The programs at Nziza Training Academy are career-oriented in design – current, flexible, and useful. Taught by leaders in their fields, keeping themselves updated, to keep the lessons on track with the cutting-edge developments in the world of CAD technology.

Growing The Next Generation Of Engineers & Architects

Nziza Training Academy (NTA) has been training Professionals since October 2018 and is passionate about helping people succeed in an industry.

Our trainees are given a strong foundation in engineering through practical training and gaining international recognized certificates.

The centers’ excellent facilities and experienced staff train professionals in Architecture, Structural Engineering and Construction Management.


We are Nziza Training Academy (NTA), and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering and architecture community to design a better world.

As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we share the knowledge that helps make better sense of the world in order to solve the challenges that matter. It is why we are uniquely placed to champion skills development.


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Our programs are focused, preparing professionals for a specific job with specific skills, allowing the university graduates to get back in the workplace quickly.
Our instructors work with their trainees every step of the way, delivering courses that are practical and goal-oriented. Trainees are guided through every chapter of every program, and the instructors are always available for suggestions and support.
Short course programs ensure that each student receives the attention and skills they require to fulfill their personal and professional needs and that is what we excellently do. Try us today!

OUR Mission

  • Delivering the highest quality skills development curriculum with innovative technology for the benefit of society locally and globally.
  • Supporting a United Nations goal of quality education thru collaborating with world level technology firms.
  • Nurturing trainees to become culturally and ethically productive Professionals with brighter future.

OUR vision

  • To provide Continuous market orientated trainings on trending high-income technological skills.
  • To stop developing nations from importing skilled people thru releasing expertly trained local professionals.
  • To be recognized as an international leader in skills development and professional training industries.

Our Values


Operate professionally and ethically to gain trust thru giving real competency to professionals university fresh graduates.


Encouraged staff and professional trainees to work together thru recognizing the value of talented individuals.


Work towards the highest level of service and satisfaction thru using agile methods and innovative solutions.

Benefits Of Training With Us

We provide custom-made training that will meet your needs as a professional. At Nziza Training Academy, we do not believe in one-size fits all. We use our vision to design short skill courses that will help one reach new heights.

Why Us

At Nziza Training Academy, we provide short courses for practicing professionals to enhance their understanding and the applicability of knowledge acquired. We have been investing in world-class research base to underpin innovation, whilst ensuring that our training products consistently meet the demands of related industries. Improve and expand your competency with us to lead the job market. We are your tactical learning partner to help you advance your skills. Everyone’s learning experience is dissimilar. Build an impactful and relevant learning path to achieve the outcomes you want. Learn and advance skills across architecture and engineering related courses that are taught by industry experts to help position you for organizational and career success afterward. We guarantee that our skilled trainers will turn you into a highly productive and successful professional in both local and international marketplaces.

  • TRAINING EXPERIENCE: Whether you have no experience or you are an old hand, our practice will be broken down into understandable chunks enabling you to get you qualified.

  • TAILORED COURSES: A modern approach to training and assessment, ensuring you learn what you need to know to register as an engineer or architect and further you into your chosen field within the industry.

  • SKILLED TRAINERS: skilled engineers and architects with high-level experience in delivering related projects at job market carry out Training. Unlike in traditional education, we hire trainers not only based on their degrees and education but also their record of accomplishment of delivering projects successfully. Many lecturers with advanced degrees without real project management and delivery skills are found in traditional colleges, which is the main reason for unemployment among graduates. These graduates are not prepared for the challenges ahead of them and we are eradicating this problem. We will fully train you to meet and conquer all the industry challenges presented to you.

  • EXPERT SEMINAR: We do not just stop at initial training, we offer training which will take you into the incredibly high-value niches within the industry and make you indispensable to your customers and employers. That is why big part of our budget is invested in importing world-level experts to train your on international market leading technologies.

Our comprehensive programs, coupled with high-tech training pattern and facilities make our strategy unique and result-oriented. Top and competent industry experts via fine-tailored instructions, group discussions, field visits, exercises, case studies and sample projects convey our courses. Our courses are carefully selected to meet industry standards and demands. We have advanced courses for professionals. Our curriculum touches the practical details of different sectors such as Architecture, Structural Engineering, and Engineering Project Management. Get in touch with us today and experience quality with excellence!

Message From The CEO

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

With due respect, It is my mammoth honor to welcome you at Nziza Training Academy; it has been initiated to assist the purpose of connecting the gap between academic institutions and the industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualifications and qualities through competency based training programs. We are here to provide educational training that truly work!

I had found the lack of proper training processes, course guidelines and skill development at most of educational institutes in developing countries. I also have found a very big and serious gap between what universities are currently teaching from their curriculum and what is needed at job-market.

This inspired me to fill in the void by setting up Nziza Training Academy and support it with importing world level experts to come local and enhance the competency our local professionals in engineering and architecture industries. Focusing much about international industry trending CAD technologies and we do make that fruitful by a highly qualified, skilled and motivated team at local market.

Nziza Training Academy commenced its journey with the futuristic vision of Rwanda as a leader in the region. We promise to provide you a quality educational training with individual care. We visualize the dreams of professionals and align our objectives with their career success to make them employable. We believe that right education is the pillar of firm life, and today’s education must be skill-based rather than theoretical knowledge based. Our training programs deliver students with a strong stand to build their careers on.

With the computerization of business and non-business processes in the present decade, the right technical knowledge and skill set is the only career solution and that is what we are offering. Thank you very much for your attention, meet you at any of Nziza Training Academy branches. See you there!

I wish you the best!


CEO _ Nziza Training Academy

Trusted by world-level industry firms

Driving technology for leading brands


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