Jean Pierre is a proactive, internationally minded, and well-rounded educated engineer who holds a MSc in structural engineering.

He is currently working in the affordable housing sector across great lakes region. He has a broad spectrum of capabilities within the Civil Engineering field since 2014, where he displays his teamwork skills and can-do attitude, delivering high-quality results and adding value when it comes to structural design and analysis job.

Having worked in different countries, he is easy adaptable and a quick learner, consistently striving to widen and keep updated his knowledge about new engineering technologies which forced Nziza Training Academy to hire him as a head trainer. Jean Pierre is actively involved in obtaining chartered status with Swiss consulting firm known as Skat, where he holds the position of civil engineer in charge of design and supervision.

He is always passionate about continuing with his learning process and using his problem-solving skills to help our professional trainees confront any industry related challenges in every day’s job of civil/structural engineer plus his expertise in design and analysis of rowlock bond and maxpan construction.


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