Refund Policies for 2019/2020

The institutional refund policy for trainees who have registered themselves and completed their payment must know that the institution is not entitled to any refund.

The institution has a non-refund policy for training services received and not yet received. If a trainee is not available for the training he/she has two options: First, suspend the training by completing all the requirements. Secondly, provide the name of a person who can replace them and knows all the qualifications needed to be one of our trainees.

  1. All course fees have a 100% non-refundable Registration Fee and application fee. Please refer to all other non-refundable fees listed on Page…that may also apply to the course program trainee has enrolled in..
  1. Any trainee who notifies the administration of cancellation or program withdrawal in writing is entitled to a non-refundable Registration Fee and all other non-refundable fees listed on Page…that may also apply to the course program trainee has enrolled in.
  2. Trainees have the opportunity to cancel/suspend their training and come back whenever there are free and available to continue the training.
  3. All trainees must have completed their payment before they provide written notification of withdrawal, cancellation, or request for a suspension.
  4. The suspension must be requested in writing to the Administration office and attendance will be calculated upon receipt date.
  5. All suspension will be processed within 7 days of notification in writing.
  6. Any prepayment discounts or special pricing is given to a trainee will be void if the trainee withdraws. The trainee will be not be refunded.

All Course fees must be paid once at the beginning of the training; 3 weeks prior to each intake start date. If, after the trainee has been accepted and enrolled and the date of the first class of the session is disclosed on the enrollment agreement they will be no refund if a trainee opts to prepay their PROGRAM in full (3 or 6 months). If the trainee wants the discount, their payment must be in full. If the trainee pays by the intake, their first intake must be paid in full in order to process their paperwork.

All Course materials that have an associated fee are non-refundable (i.e. software).


You have the right to withdraw from a course of instruction at any time. A notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Institution, but please be advised that a constructive withdrawal of a trainee may also be made by the institution. Such a withdrawal will be determined to have occurred if, in the estimation of the institution and instructor, the trainee has failed to attend any three consecutive classes and has not responded to the institution attempts to contact the trainee.

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