MAHA Yassin

Construction Management

She is a knowledgeable civil engineer with over 12 years ’experience. Through utilizing her communication skills when working in administrational and operational positions at reputable construction corporations, she has developed successful working relationships and resultantly, an advantageous professional network. 
During her life in career, she has been looking for a challenging, fast-paced environment to acquire highlevel practical skills thru managing different projects across Northern and Eastern countries since 2007. 
She has completed bachelor’s degree of civil engineering in 2007. As civil engineering combines different useful options, she had found passion in project management, which impressed her to pursue it in master’s degree studies graduated in 2015. She is a Certified Specialized Engineer No.3039, PRINCE2 ® Practitioner and she has completed the following industry-based trainings:


  • The use of PlanSwift9 software , December 2017
  • Quantity Surveying and Cost Estimation Practice & Techniques (CPD), Sudan Mar. 2013
  • Principles of Real Estate Valuation & the School of Construction Management and Engineering (SCME), University of Reading / United Kingdom, May 2012
  • Specifications & Quantifications Centre of Engineering & Technical Studies (CETS), Feb 2012
  • The Legal Issues in the Construction Industry Sudan Engineering Society, Nov. 2011
  • Construction Project Management, (CPD), University of Khartoum. Dec. 2012
  • Fidic and Construction Contracts the Sudanese Centre for Conciliation & Arbitration, May 2015
  • LEED ® GA Exam preparation Course , Peopla ® Green Institute, October 2015
  • Manual Concrete Structural Design. Sep. 2015
  • Etabs 15 Concrete Structural , Oct. 2015
  • Manual & Etabs 16 Steel Structural . Dec. 2017
  • Safe 12 , Oct. 2015               

After considering those skills she owns, Nziza Training Academy has decided to hire her as a head trainer of construction management course. To help us achieve our vision of training local professionals on CAD technology for career advancement and competency at global market. 

Arch. HAGENIMANA Abdul Aziz


Aziz has an extensive background utilizing BIM technology within the Architectural, Engineering, & Construction community in Rwanda. He has worked as both architectural and engineering consultant. As a current senior project architect at KGM Engineering Corporation, Aziz is able to share his knowledge and expertise with professionals at Nziza Training Academy on a daily basis.
Aziz has acquired expertise in design and architecture right after his academic studies. He worked with different high profiled architecture and construction companies, which has extended his experience within short time. Above that experience from firms, after his bachelor’s degree of architecture, he has been attending world-renowned trainings on software offered by Autodesk and Lynda, which has impressed Nziza Training Academy to hire him as head trainer for architectural designing software.

Eng. BAYISENGE Jean Pierre

Structural Engineering

Jean Pierre is a proactive, internationally minded, and well-rounded educated engineer who holds an MSc in structural engineering from Nairobi – Kenya. He is currently working in the affordable housing sector across great lakes region. He has a broad spectrum of capabilities within the Civil Engineering field since 2014, where he displays his teamwork skills and can-do attitude, delivering high-quality results and adding value when it comes to structural design and analysis job.
Having worked in different countries in Africa, he is easy adaptable and a quick learner, consistently striving to widen and keep updated his knowledge about new engineering technologies which forced Nziza Training Academy to hire him as a head trainer. Jean Pierre is actively involved in obtaining chartered status with Swiss consulting firm known as Skat, where he holds the position of civil engineer in charge of design and supervision.
He is always passionate about continuing with his learning process and using his problem-solving skills to help our professional trainees confront any industry related challenges in every day’s job of civil/structural engineer plus his expertise in design and analysis of rowlock bond and maxpan constructionAfrica

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