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Rwanda Polytechnic is a higher learning institution dedicated to training a highly skilled dynamic workforce in technical and vocational programs.

Among our missions as Rwanda polytechnic, there is:
Contributing to finding solutions to other problems related to national development; and collaborating with other national, regional or international institutions with similar mission in order to achieve its mission.

We find Nziza Training Academy as good fit for national development as institution trying to link our local technological professionals with foreign highly experienced experts.
We are very grateful to Nziza Training Academy for their good initiative of re-skilling and up-skilling our people.

As you might be aware, Rwanda’s vision is to have a knowledge-based economy, we have verified the technologies, and software that Nziza Training Academy trains professionals are not found on curriculum but highly needed at job market. That is why as Rwanda polytechnic we cannot wait to support them thru one of our different funding channels.
As the Government of Rwanda is aspiring to become a private sector and middle-income economy by 2035 and a high-income status by 2050. To achieve this, Rwanda needs a strong and vibrant Human Resource to drive that ambitious agenda. This requires government to invest in skills development programs like this offered by Nziza Training Academy that in turn will be driving the achievement of that developmental status required.
Therefore, we take these programs as the important strategy to expose our local workforce to real work life situations and to equip them with the necessary skills that strengthen their job acumen. Everyone understands benefits from Employee Training and skills Development.

That is why we highly appreciate Nziza Training Academy as our partners.


Deputy Vice Chancellor - Rwanda Polytechnic

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We recommend the ambition of Nziza Training Academy of providing quality education and training with individual care. To us, this is very powerful and inspirational ambition and I have to say that it makes you stand out of the crowd.

I will also recommend Nziza Training Academy for two main things among others:

i. Its priceless contribution to closing skills gap on Rwandan labor market. This training vision of upskilling engineers and architects is assuring us that we are going to close the gap within the sector. Moreover, we are going to avail the skills needed to implement our infrastructure and construction projects, which will be even needed as more as we advance into our country’s ambition of becoming a middle-income country.

ii. I want to also thank Nziza Training Academy for the use of latest leading technologies and collaborating with global experts. This affirms that you are enabling our people to compete regionally and globally which is among the dreams of our nation. This is in line of forth industrial revolution era we are in. as the evidence of graduates shows, skills enlargement is constrain to private sector development, companies in Rwanda are limited by the low capacity of their staff for them to remain competent and expand.

Both qualitative and quantitative resources of Rwanda development board confirm that employers’ willingness to employ is high if they find the right talent. I am glad to note that the programs of Nziza Training Academy are tailored towards ensuring that trainees acquire competitive skills, which is in line with our ambition in RDB Chief Skill’s office of up-skilling Rwandans for national economic transformation.

With the programs of Nziza Training Academy, we hope that in the near future, our country will be able to develop structure solutions and implement them by ourselves.

By achieving so, we will be reducing our import bills where we import many skilled people to develop and implement those solutions.

Thank you!


Chief Skills Office - Rwanda Development Board

What professionals we trained say ABOUT us!

Developing skills is for intelligent and successful people, idiots and poor people think they know it all. In this field of engineering, technology changes almost everything every day. It has become compulsory for professionals to be skilled in the trending technologies and that is what forced me to join Nziza Training Academy in its branch of HUYE. I have gained many skills I could not be able to find in university courses but this institution focuses on the use of software and show us how to technologically deliver a project as a skilled professional, which helps us to improve the quality and rapidity of our productivity at work. Another crucial thing I found here is networking. Even if Nziza Training Academy is skills development institution for fresh graduates and professionals, fresh graduates use to be few because they have little experience about challenges to meet outside of the college. Many of here were professionals with tangible experience. This enable us to be connected as pros, which helps when you find a project anywhere in a country, you easily find someone else who worked on it before then you share the experience.  Email: nsengjuv11@gmail.com
Estate Manager @ University of Rwanda Master’s degree of civil hydraulics engineering June intake 2019
I highly appreciate the training structure of Nziza Training Academy. they help us define what we learnt in the university and enables us to turn our thoughts into products, every structure of a building you need to design, you learn capabilities of making it happen, many people do designs and lie themselves that they are experts, I am letting them know that they know very few. I have delivered many projects as I am an AEC entrepreneur with couple of companies, Before I join Nziza Training Academy, I thought I were highly skilled but after starting courses, I had discovered that I knew like 40 percent. The trainers dig deep on the software in all corners and where their capability stops is where global experts imported by institution start from. Many architects say that Architecture is not software and that is true but without software, as an architect you are like cultivator without hoe. Architecture requires critical thinking, that is what we learn in traditional colleges but to know how to deliver a project timely and accurately is also critical and more essential than other things you can imagine. If you are critical thinker and unable to reveal that idea to client/public then your thoughts become useless. That is what Nziza training academy has help me. Email: smbuildingcompanyltd@gmail.com
Arch. MUNYEMANA Slyvestre
Architect Entrepreneur @ J&S Consultants ltd Bachelor's of Architecture June intake 2019`
I have been surprised by the unique training structure I found here, In addition to my tangible industry experience as I graduated my civil engineering courses in 1994 and now working in education sector, I know that technologies has changed everything and made many of them superseded especially in engineering industry. When I was in college, technology was not at high level as today. This has been putting us behind in many cases at job market. That is why whenever I knew I could not afford to wait; I tried all ways possible to attend these trainings and I will keep updating myself to make sure technology will not leave me behind anymore. Now I can deliver any project detail a client may expect from as a civil engineer and I am happy to recommend Nziza Training Academy to other fellow engineers. Email: atahgeorge@gmail.com
Eng. Atah George
Lecturer @ University of Cameroun Bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering October intake 2019
Before I join Nziza Training Academy program, I was not sure about what unusual to learn there. I was minding what they could teach me in addition to 5 years I spent in university studying architecture. However, what I finally realized is that technology runs faster than what we get from college lectures. I was brilliant student in college but this training program helped to me to be brilliant at marketplace thru showing me the way I should be applying manual sketching and drawings i learnt in college with software technologies. Nziza Training Academy enabled to express my innovative ideas to every project I can design to fulfill the requirements of a client. I cannot wait to recommend this institution to my fellow architects. Email: yvesmugwaneza@gmail.com
Arch. Mugwaneza Yves
Director @ Inzu Studio Bachelor's of Architecture June intake 2019


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