Alexandre Nzirorera is a professional engineer in construction after struggling to tap into this profession of his Dream since his childhood.

Born in Bugesera District on October 23, 1995, he finished the ordinary level and was oriented in Physics-Chemistry and Mathematics, which was not his choice. He asked his parents to help him find Construction as his option of choice but in vain.

Nzirorera would regret to miss out this noble profession as he said, so he did his best to find construction until when he found it.

“Finally, I fortunately found it and I performed very well, later, I was admitted to IPRC-Kigali in September 2016 to continue my studies. It was my opportunity to join software engineering where I acquired skills in house design software; I was encouraged by my teacher who told me that I have a talent in software, which I could not let go,” he said.

Further on, Nzirorera tried more pathways to develop his skills in software design. Once on holidays, he started doing research and fortunately, was informed on one institution dubbed “Archystore Africa” in Madagascar that gives training in regard with his option of architecture and software design.

“There, I studied Architectural Detailing and Documentation, I was at the same time studying at IPRC in second year, and I was recruited by a company to get more experience. I was juggling between IPRC studies and training during the holiday,” he said.

He later gained an online training programme by Harvard University; there he studied Architecture Imagination. Nzirorera was supported by the principal at IPRC after assessing his practical skills; and he helped him to join a project to design tennis grounds and hostels in April, 2018.

“I was very motivated when the global tennis federation approved my project as a well-designed one among other similar projects they had in Africa,” Nzirorera noted.

Establishing a construction company and school

On July 2, 2018, Nzirorera started his own company, Golden Construction Ltd, which gave birth to Nziza Training Academy in October 2018, as a school that aims to teach similar courses and to help the government of Rwanda to stop hiring foreign trainers in software within the biggest projects.

“I tried to look for local trainers in software to help locals acquire practical training in three to six months,” he said.

To start the school, he used the overall capital of Rwf6 million. He later did many other projects in design, including four big ones, one at Gisozi, Bugesera apartments, and more.

He said that his success requires building a trust.

On Friday, January 24, 2020, Nziza training Academy graduated the second batch of 71 trainees after the first one of 12 trainees. He has got partners including Rwanda Polytechnic and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) who participated at this graduation ceremony that took place in Kigali.

Architect Yves MUGWANEZA,
The representative of 2019 graduates in Architecture and structural engineering classes speaking during the graduation ceremony.

At least 95 percent of the graduates were sponsored by the companies and institutions they work for. The third enrolment will begin in February 2020.

Nzirorera said that he still faces finance issue as the school itself cannot generate the income to tackle any financial requirements as he pays over Rwf3 million to an expert trainer per week while a trainee pays Rwf 350,000 for the entire three-month training.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Rwanda Polytechnic

Nzirorera graduated last year in 2019 from Rwanda Polytechnic.

His Nziza Training Academy has the capacity to host 30 trainees for every intake and it has now got three departments.



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