In the way to achieving our ultimate vision of ending skilled labor import in Rwanda by 2035 in Architecture, Engineering and Construction market, we have established different strategies to make that goal attainable. Among those are developing strategic partnerships with all technical colleges across the country, to firstly enable college students and staff go with AEC market trends.

That will help us intervene in traditional curriculum updates, upskill college staffs to make sure they teach students in accordance with what is trending at job market and linking abilities for the betterment of our local education system.

IPRC Kigali as a public higher Learning Institution with a mission of empowering students and enhancing their opportunities for career advancement and success in a global economy through the implementation of TVET system in Campus and IPRC Musanze, which is also a public higher learning institution with a vision of being a leading world class institution in producing graduates that are capable of developing and implementing creative technical solutions to social and industrial needs of Rwanda, region and international society, they have agreed to join the movement.

In addition to INES Ruhengeri and IPRC Gishari, both colleges agreed to start enabling their college students and staff on using the latest design technologies as offered by Nziza Training Academy, an authorized training center that represents most of the biggest software technology companies in the world like US Autodesk, Turkish ProtaSoftware and US Planswift.

On March 30, 2021; sanctioned by Eng. Diogene MULINDAHABI; Principal of IPRC Kigali. His college and Nziza Training Academy have agreed on Initiation of joint projects of mutual interests; provision of short courses, public lectures, seminars, internships and study visits respectively to the needs of each part; conduct research projects and consultancy organized and carried out together under proposal of either party; helping college personnel in the development of CAD and BIM design technology skills and collaboration in elaboration of programs of short trainings in the domain of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

On April 16, 2021; approved by Eng. Emile ABAYISENGA, Principal of IPRC Musanze. His college and Nziza Training Academy have agreed on The collaboration of the staff for the mutual benefits of both institutions; The facilitation of the college students’ internship and staff ‘s professional trainings for capacity development purpose; Collaboration in teaching, training, research and development and consultancy studies; The exchange of research materials and publications; the provision of intellectual enrichment opportunities for staff from both parties; Marketing activities of both institutions through public presentations or by any other mean to staff and students of each partner and the two parts agreed to participate in consultant activities by using its associated private companies in implementation.

Activities reflecting strategic relationship will be initiated, planned and executed progressively. Enquiries on individual leverage on this partnership may be forwarded to our email: or WhatsApp: +250785568718



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